EndoPredict: Breast Cancer Genetic Testing

by Myriad Genetics

Source BioScience is now the only distributor offering Myriad Genetics EndoPredict test to the UK market. This allows us to facilitate rapid and cost effective testing for patients without the need to release human tissue outside of the UK/EU, allowing you to process your samples locally, contributing to lower emissions and faster turnaround times.

"Source BioScience is delighted to partner with Myriad to provide the NICE-approved breast cancer multigene assay, EndoPredict, in the UK. Our long-established molecular pathology reference laboratory team will be able to provide a very timely service for lymph node negative and positive breast cancer patients and their clinical professionals, supporting effective adjuvant therapy decision making."

Professor Ian O Ellis, Professor of Cancer Pathology and Medical Director at Source Bioscience

We provide a comprehensive suite of Molecular Diagnostic tests to accurately direct patient treatment decisions and outcomes.

What is the EndoPredict Test? Clinical Information:

Molecular diagnostic testing has become routine in clinical practice to support the development of effective treatment plans for Cancer patients. For Breast Cancer patients NICE recommends prognostic tests such as EndoPredict to assess the risk of disease recurrence and the effectiveness of adjuvant chemotherapy in addition to endocrine therapy. ​​

EndoPredict is the only prognostic test that can help in deciding whether your patient can safely avoid chemotherapy, how beneficial chemotherapy would be, and whether your patient can stop endocrine therapy after 5 years.

EndoPredict is designed for women with ER+, HER2- primary breast cancer (node-negative or node positive [micrometastases, 1-3 nodes], pre- or postmenopausal).

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What is our Added Value?

  • NICE Approved and cost recoverable test (Node -)
  • Rapid TAT of 5 working days / 1 MDT Cycle. Patients can get results / treatment decisions quicker
  • Approved by insurers (AXA & BUPA)
  • UK based test, remove the risk of releasing patient material and data outside of the UK
  • All patients are classified as high risk or low risk, unlike other tests which have a 'gray' middle area
  • Increased confidence in treatment decisions
  • Late reoccurrence, can predict late reoccurrence up to 15 years vs alternative test which are only up to 10
  • Not stage dependent, suitable for stage 1, 2 and 3 cancers

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