Source BioScience Complaints Procedure

We consider a complaint to be much more serious than a suggestion or a comment and will deal with them in a more formal manner for this reason.  A complaint is usually when a patient or visitor is not happy with the way in which they have been treated or the way in which we have delivered our services.  For a complaint to be dealt with through our formal complaints process, we need to be told about the complaint and the reasons for making the complaint.

As we are required by law to formally act upon a complaint, we must be able to contact the complainant and provide feedback within 30 working days.  We have a process whereby complaints are dealt with swiftly and we aim to respond formally to all complaints within 5 working days.  Where more time for a formal investigation is required, we will inform the complainant of this.

Our commitment is to always investigate all complaints courteously, sympathetically, objectively, expeditiously and thoroughly, with a view to obtaining information that results in an honest and balanced resolution to the problem.  We aim to provide a rapid response and appropriate reassurance for all those involved in a complaint.

If you would like to make a comment or complaint about our service, please contact and you will be forwarded to the relevant department.