Plasmid Sequencing and Assembly

Plasmid construction is at the heart of developing a route for synthesising novel proteins. Using Nanopore technologies, MinION™ Flow Cells on MinION or GridION™ sequencing devices and the EPI2ME analysis platform, a flexible and rapid workflow is obtained for sequence assembly of your plasmid constructs.

We provide free consultation at initiation and assign projects to an experienced scientist as Project Manager to provide support and updates throughout the project and post data delivery.

Plasmid analysis with nanopore sequencing and EPI2ME workflows incorporates a comprehensive validation of plasmid features in a single sequencing process for experimental success. The integration of this validation system into the plasmid sequencing and analysis workflow ensures that:

  • Promoters are compatible with your host organism.
  • Gene insert is correctly orientated and contains no mutations.
  • Resistance genes are displaying the correct genetic sequence and are not already present in your host organism.
  • Backbone sequence contains no mutations and is suitable for storage and future use.

With Nanopore Whole Plasmid Sequencing, plasmid compatibility can be verified in house and with a defined timeline, negating the need to send constructs to third parties for validation. By obtaining full sequence data in a single experiment, multiple technologies are no longer required to confirm your intended plasmid for sequencing and analysis.

Following completion of workflow, visual results based on the consensus sequence of your plasmid are available in your EPI2ME report and the sequence of your plasmid will be available in a FASTA file format which can be used in any downstream processes you require.

Contact us today and one of our skilled account managers will be in touch with a free consultation including further information and pricing details.

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