Cellular Pathology Partner for Private Healthcare

Access a complete, premium cellular and digital pathology service, from sample collection through to reporting.

Our expertise in histopathology and digital technology provides a reliable diagnostic pipeline to enhance patient care.

Benefit from Source LDPath’s growing pool of 200 Specialist Pathologists to cater to all specialities. Manage multi-disciplinary meetings and second opinions from an expert pathologist network as needed. Our clinical team are committed to provide the highest-quality, comprehensive service charged at a flat rate. This includes:

  • Laboratory processing of samples (including up to seven specimens, per patient, per procedure)
  • Express medical courier collection
  • Rapid turnaround time
  • Specialist reporting
  • Additional histochemistry
  • Additional immunohistochemistry
  • Second opinion from our international expert panel
  • MDM discussion

Introducing Complete Management Over Your Private Practice

Source LDPath offers fast, seamless and integrated processing between the clinician and the pathologist.

Industry-Leading Turnaround Times

Source LDPath offers fast, seamless and integrated processing between the clinician and the pathologist, delivering results within an unrivalled 3-5 working days whilst maintaining premium accuracy.

Source LDPath Private Practice Turnaround Times

Advanced LIMS Integration  

Easy integration of Source LDPaths advanced LIMS for clinical staff, consultants and secretaries, built by pathologists, for pathologists. Each user can maximise connectivity by accessing cases and view and download reports from their unique profile. An opt-in system can be enabled for users to receive notifications via e-mail for cases booked in, reported or requiring additional laboratory work.

Medical Courier For Seamless Sample Transportation

Our medical courier network ensures the safe and reliable transportation of patient samples directly to our laboratories. This service is included within the flat fee at the time of procedure.

Second Opinions From Experts  

Benefit from our broad network and Specialist Consultant Pathologists for second opinions on
complex cases. Our clinical experts provide an extensive evaluation per case to ensure the highest reporting accuracy for patients.

Comprehensive Flat Fee

Our flat fee per case with up to 7 specimens includes courier, processing, reporting and additional laboratory work (if requested by pathologist) which covers immunohistochemistry and special stains. If the pathologist decides to seek a second opinion from our panel of pathologists this is also covered within our flat fee.

For more information or if you would like support with a bespoke project, please contact a member of our team or call.