Molecular Diagnostics

Our expansive portfolio of diagnostic tests offers a seamless platform to diagnose and monitor disease, detect risk, and identify appropriate therapy options for individual patient needs.

Source LDPath provides the highest quality reporting and service standards with rapid turnaround times, with services operating to ISO 15189:2012 accreditation standards. Cases submitted under the molecular testing portfolio are routinely turned around in ≤3 days, with reflex tests (e.g HER2 FISH) turned around in an additional 2 days.

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Gene Targeted Mutation Analysis

Mutation analysis is carried out for the personalised selection of treatment for a range of different cancer types. Mutation detection tests include identification of mutations in EGFR, BRAF, NRAS and KRAS. Our mutation testing services are suitable for archival FFPE tissue samples.

Routine and Specialist Immunohistochemistry Assays (IHC)

IHC based assays are vital in the molecular identification of biomarkers in cancer and other diseases. Our diagnostic offering enables protein expression to be determined immunohistochemically to define patient suitability for anti-cancer treatments e.g HER2/ALK/ROS-1/MMR. Confirmatory testing using FISH is available as an automated reflex test.

Hormone Receptor Testing

The use of IHC assays in identifying Oestrogen and Progesterone to guide breast cancer treatment. Our commitment to clinical quality ensures we use CE-IVD/FDA approved antibodies and assays to meet our laboratory accreditation requirements and national guidelines.

In-situ Hybridisation (ISH)

ISH uses labelled complementary DNA, RNA or modified nucleic acids strands to localise a specific DNA or RNA sequence in a portion or section of tissue or cells to identify disease-related biomarkers, applicable for HER2 testing in breast and gastric tumour.

Toxicity Testing

ToxNav is an innovative germline DNA test which predicts patient toxicity to 5FU and Capecitabine based chemotherapy treatments. ToxNav uses 20 SNPs for greater specificity and sensitivity, delivered in collaboration with Oxford Cancer Biomarkers

A full list of tests can be found here.

When submitting cases to Source LDPath for diagnostic testing portfolio of tests, for example HER2 testing) All cases should be accompanied by a fully completed order form. A PDF and an editable Word version are both available for use.

Cases submitted as part of the routine reference laboratory portfolio of tests (eg: Her2 IHC) are returned within 5 working days from receipt, with reflex tests (eg: HER2 FISH) turned around in an additional 2 days.

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