New NGS Services on Element Biosciences AVITI™

Giving you further choice of sequencing platform for Next Generation Sequencing. Enabling genomic sequencing with unprecedented accuracy and cost.

First UK-based commercial service provider of next generation sequencing on the Element Biosciences AVITI™ System

As the demand for genomic sequencing increases in the UK, we have extended our laboratory service offering to meet the escalating needs of the life science research market. The incorporation of Element Biosciences AVITI™ System is set to transform the landscape of genomic sequencing with unprecedented accuracy and cost, allowing researchers additional flexibility for accelerated discovery with next-generation sequencing.

Exceptional quality

Avidity Sequencing employs rolling circle amplification (RCA) to minimise common amplification errors.

  • 90% reads >Q30
  • 80% reads >Q40

Why the Element Biosciences AVITI™ System?

Industry-leading accuracy

Avidity Sequencing employs rolling circle amplification (RCA) to minimize common amplification errors.

  • No PCR error propagation
  • Negligible index hopping
  • Low duplication rates
  • Low AT/GC bias

Cost saving

Access next generation sequencing at a lower cost – contact us to see how we can propel your research forward.

Key Performance Metrics

2 x 75 Kit* 2 x 150 Kit* 2 x 300
Flow Cell Output Time* Output Time* Output Time
Low Output 75 Gb 27 hours
Medium Output 75 Gb 20 hours 150 Gb 31 hours 60 Gb 51 hours
High Output 150 Gb 24 hours 300 Gb 38 hours 180 Gb 60 hours
* Individually addressable lanes slightly extend run times.
2 x 75 Kit 2 x 150 Kit 2 x 300
Flow Cell Read Count* Q30 Read Count Q30 Read Count Q30
Low Output 250 million
Medium Output 500 million > 90% 500 million > 90% 100 million > 85%
High Output 1 billion > 90% 1 billion > 90% 300 million > 85%
* Read counts are based on sequencing Element-prepared libraries. Actual read counts might differ based on lab-specific factors.


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Next Generation

Source BioScience is one of Europe’s leading providers of commercial sequencing, offering Next Generation Sequencing services from our ISO accredited laboratories. We offer NGS services on the most prominent platforms including Illumina’s NovaSeq, NextSeq and MiSeq.