Health Economic Model

Quantify the Value of Digital Pathology for your Department

The first of its kind Health Economic Model for quantifying the value of digital pathology implementation has launched.

Digital Pathology can lead to not only financial cost savings, but also a significant number of patient lifeyears saved.

To understand the cost-benefit of implementing a digital pathology workflow in your laboratory or department, download the introduction to the Digital Pathology Health Economic Model today.

Digital pathology and AI are leaders in transformative healthcare diagnostics. Despite this knowledge, quantifying the value of digital pathology implementation has remained challenging.

This is why we have developed the first Health Economic Model for quantifiying the impact of digital pathology implementation in your pathology department, hospital or Trust.

Where do these results stem from?

Financial cost savings can be recouped through a number of channels including streamlined operations, the need for fewer logistics (with the bonus of a lower carbon footprint due to the removal of sample shipping for reporting, second opinions and MDMs) and faster turnaround times.

Patient care is improved through faster diagnosis and therefore faster access to treamtent, bettering patient outcomes.

For an opportunity to model what the impact would be on your department and patients, access the model via our team today.

Source LDPath’s Health Economic Model for Digital Pathology Implementation

This tool aims to predict the impact of digital pathology on financials and patient life-years – helping to guide the decisions of a given pathology department within the NHS and Private Healthcare Practices. Based on cost reduction, shortened waiting times, minimised backlogs and patient-life years saved due to a faster diagnosis, this model will help you establish what the impact of digital pathology is for your department.

The Purpose Driving the Model

Burden of traditional pathology delays

Hospital pathology departments are under increased pressure due to staff shortages and increasing backlogs, resulting in delayed turnaround times and subsequently delayed diagnoses for patients

Unmet needs in pathology departments

The current backlog within the NHS, particularly since the COVID-19 pandemic, poses barriers for patients and there is a clear unmet need in pathology departments with a shortfall of pathology staff

Clinical value of Source LDPath

Source LDPath is a unique pathology reporting service that provides end-to-end cellular and digital pathology services, enabling rapid turnaround of histology reports and second opinions from experts

Societal and economic value

Source LDPath can save costs due to a reduced need for locum pathologists, competitive rates against external laboratories and wider societal benefits such as more timely diagnosis

To understand the cost-benefit analysis of implementing a digital pathology workflow in your laboratory or department, get in touch with Source LDPath today.