Secure Portal Access (SPA)

Source BioScience offer a fast and secure method of receiving reports for both histopathology specimens and diagnostic tests.

Our system requires a user name, password and a random number generating key fob in order to log in to your account, ensuring that reports are securely stored and can only be accessed by those set up on the system.

To view the login page, please click here.

A hospital site or Trust can have more than one account set up to allow for different groups downloading reports, for example if you wish to send any Duty of Care work in addition to routine pre-prepared work, retaining the two sets of work separately allowing for only named persons having access to Duty of Care reports. An account can have numerous persons set up with access, so that any absences do not delay reports being downloaded.

Upon completion of a report by the Consultant it is uploaded immediately onto the SPA system, automatically triggering an email notification being sent to the relevant person(s) to inform them that new report is available to download. As reports are downloaded from the SPA system they are removed from the main screen, however they will be stored as "read" items, ensuring that at any time you can search for and view old reports within the system.

Our team are available between 8am and 5.30pm Monday to Friday to answer any enquiries you might have about our SPA system.

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