Digital Pathology

Source LDPath is the largest, most technically advanced private provider of cellular and digital pathology services in the UK.

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Digital Pathology & AI

The future of pathology is here. Adopting digital pathology involves technological implementation, workflow modifications, in-house and external training, quality assurance measures and workforce adjustments. Digital pathology and AI implementation has the potential to transform patient care by increasing operational efficiency and alleviate workforce pressures around the oncology diagnostic process. Moving towards a digitised pathology diagnostic system brings a wealth of advancements to the practice of pathology:

  • Accelerating pathology reporting turnaround times
  • Reducing patient waiting times
  • Improving diagnostic accuracy
  • Easing pathologist’s workload

With a core focus on introducing ground-breaking integration of digital pathology and AI, Source LDPath provides a comprehensive pathology platform to transform diagnostic processes, delivering faster reporting times and improving patient care.

Source LDPath Digital Pathology Integration Model

Source LDPath provides an end-to-end digital integration model for NHS and private pathology departments. With huge benefits such as accelerated turnaround times, access to a pool of pathologists and a reduction in administrative tasks required in pathology processes, it has never been more critical to support departments in digitising their workflows. This video will give you an overview of how we can support you on your digital journey, to help you digitise as efficiently and cost effectively as possible. We can tailor to most existing set ups and ensure you meet your department's, hospital's and/or Trust's goals.

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Your Guiding Hand to Implementing Digital Pathology

Your Guiding Hand to Implementing Digital Pathology

Source LDPath offers a unique digital modular integration model to support and enable the adoption of digital pathology and AI into routine practice. The integration model acts as a comprehensive system to transform your pathology workflow depending on your current infrastructure and individual needs, for streamlined digitisation, efficient workflow, local system interfacing, data storage and administrative support.

Module 1: Tissue processing support.
Module 2: Scanning and AI.
Module 3: Reporting with system integration with Source LDPath’s LIMS.
Module 4: MDM provision, audit work and double reporting.
Module 5: Complete service.

Each module can be adopted on an individual basis, or as a complete service, depending on the current set-up and requirements of your Trust or pathology department.

Source LDPath provides streamlined processes, more efficient laboratory operation and faster reporting. Implementing better governance over glass slides and the ability to get reporting support and second opinions instantly.

Watch here how a digital approach in partnership with East Kent Hospitals greatly reduced turnaround times and helped reduce patient waiting times.

For more information or if you would like support with a bespoke project, please contact a member of our team or call.