Rapid Sequencing

Delivering unrivalled turnaround times for sequencing - including Sanger sequencing, whole plasmid nanopore sequencing, amplicon sequencing and qPCR.

Market-leading Sanger Sequencing services providing high-quality data retrieval within 12 hours from sample receipt.

Find out for yourself why leading pharmaceutical, biotech and academic organisations have trusted us for over 20 years.

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Rapid, long-read, real-time sequencing of whole plasmid DNA - using our existing dropbox system to accelerate your timeline from sample to result.

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Amplicon Sequencing

Amplicon sequencing involves the amplification of target DNA sequences using polymerase chain reaction (PCR), followed by high-throughput sequencing to determine the sequence of the amplified DNA fragments. It enables researchers to quickly and efficiently analyse specific regions of DNA from a complex mixture of genetic material.

For amplicon sequencing, contact us at GSTeam@sourcebioscience.com

qPCR Services

Quantitative polymerase chain reaction (qPCR) is used to measure in real-time the amount of specific DNA or RNA present in a sample. qPCR relies on the principles of traditional PCR but incorporates fluorescent dyes or probes that emit signals proportional to the amount of amplified DNA or RNA of interest.

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Sanger Sequencing

Established as a market-leading Sanger Sequencing service provider, we deliver rapid turnaround times for sequencing using our streamlined SpeedREAD™ data delivery system, to the highest quality.