Histopathology Services

Partnering with NHS Trusts and Private Hospitals to provide histopathology support

Cellular Pathology, Digital Pathology and AI

Source LDPath provides industry leading pathology services with a focus on digital pathology and AI.

Source LDPath provides an end-to-end clinical healthcare service from histopathology, including digital pathology and AI, through to molecular diagnostics services; bringing a unique clinical workflow for the delivery of precision therapeutics.

We host a significant and growing network of specialist consultant pathologists, all registered with the Royal College of Pathologists and General Medical Council, to ensure the highest quality reporting for patients.

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Histopathology Services:

  • Pre-prepared Slides
  • Wet Surgical Specimens
  • Block to Slide
  • Wets to Slide
  • Block to Report

Our expertise in histopathology, coupled with the latest technologies in molecular diagnostics, enables us to provide a comprehensive service to support your requirement for specialised diagnostics.

Molecular Diagnostic Services:

  • Mutational Analysis (e.g KRAS/BRAF/EGFR)
  • NGS gene panel targeted sequencing
  • Personalised Medicine (e.g ToxNav, EndoPredict)
  • Hormone Receptor Testing
  • Routine and Specialist Immunohistochemistry Assays (IHC)
  • In-situ Hybridisation (ISH)
  • Circulating Tumour cell assessment (CTC)
  • Methylation Analysis - MLH1 promoter hypermethylation
  • MMR / MSI
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Industry-Leading Turnaround Times

With an extensive network of over 200 pathologists, Source LDPath is the partner of choice for the NHS and Private Pathology Departments. Not staffed to prepare your own slides? Source LDPath can provide slide preparation for your samples.

Below are our average turnaround times for sample processing.


Pre-Prepared Slides


With Slide Prep

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Cellular Pathology Partner for the NHS

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Digital Pathology and AI



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