Multi-omic Services

Source Genomics providess comprehensive multi-omic services, utilising advanced technologies to analyse and integrate diverse types of biological data, enabling detailed insights into genetic, transcriptomic, and proteomic interactions.

Bigger picture research through multi-omics

Multi-omics is a rapidly expanding field that combines multiple omic technologies to study many layers of biological research simultaneously. Source Genomics is committed to supporting research at every biological level to push forward research and discovery across genomic medicine.

Genomics Jigsaw Puzzle Piece

Combining genomic, transcriptomic, proteomic and epigenomic data together, multi-omic research has a wide range of applications to boost research capabilities across all study focus groups:

Biomarker discovery
Identification of novel biomarkers for early disease detection and the development of targeted therapies.

Disease mechanisms
A comprehensive insight into genetic variants, gene expression patterns and protein modifications associated with disease.

Personalised medicine
Understanding individualisation across biological processes associated with disease and advancing tailored treatment approaches in healthcare and pharmaceutical developments.

Drug discovery and development
Identification of potential drug targets and key molecular drivers of disease for an accurate depiction of disease pathways and target intervention systems.

What is the Value of Multi-omics in Modern Research?

Discover the value of adopting a multi-modal research landscape for underpinning the complexities of genomic data and to help drive discovery and innovation.

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