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Source LDPath was formed in March last year when Source BioScience acquired London Digital Pathology. The resulting combined organisation has laboratories in multiple facilities across the UK (Chichester, London, Nottingham) and is pioneering the process of helping hospital pathology labs move to a digitised model through the scanning of patient samples, removing the need for routine microscope work and physical shipping of slides which is admin heavy, time consuming, there is more room for human error and risk of slide damage and is even heavier in terms of carbon emissions due to large logistics requirements.

Source LDPath is a collaborative partner who can help a laboratory reduce their turnaround times for patient case reporting from over 14 days on average (currently seen at many NHS Trusts) down to 2-3 days, with plans to reduce that further. Our speciality is in digitising pathology labs and take steps to incorporate AI in diagnosis and reporting.

Watch a 1 min video showcasing our East Kent Hospitals University Trust Success Story here:

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Source LDPath is the largest and most technically advanced private provider of cellular and digital pathology services in the UK.

To understand the cost-benefit analysis of implementing a digital pathology workflow in your laboratory or department, get in touch with Source LDPath today.

How Does it Work?

Providing in-house digital pathology, Source LDPath can provide NHS Trusts and private hospital providers with a complete digital pathology solution, including the installation of on-site scanning facilities.

Source LDPath offers digital reporting with innovative AI technology. Artificial intelligence (AI) applies deep machine learning technology to generate powerful computer algorithms that assist pathologists in making diagnoses. These algorithms can find application in a wide range of diagnostic challenges.

Combining digital reporting with innovative AI technology to enhance the diagnostic service, by:

  • Improving diagnostic accuracy
  • Easing pathologist workload
  • Accelerating pathology reporting TAT
  • Reducing patient waiting times

Source LDPath provides streamlined processes, more efficient, faster reporting. Better governance over glass slides and the ability to get reporting support and second opinions instantly.

Read about how a digital approach in partnership with East Kent Hospitals greatly reduced turnaround times and helped cut patient waiting times.

Options Include

  • Scanning Platform
  • Consultant Workstations
  • LIMS Integration
  • Virtual Server with Storage
  • Service Agreement

How Will Digital Pathology Impact You and Your Department?

For more information or if you would like support with a bespoke project, please contact a member of our team or call.

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