Plasmid Extractions

Our plasmid extraction service is a SPRI paramagnetic bead-based system which can be used to purify a variety of high- and low-copy number template types. It is a high throughput service performed on an automated workstation, so the total plasmid prep time is much quicker than a manual kit. The service requires either 1mL of overnight culture (grown for approx. 16 hours) or a pea-sized cell pellet. We will process the samples using the plasmid extraction service and then sequence using primer(s) of your choice. The sequencing data is collected and delivered within 24 hours of sample receipt.

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Sequencing Portal Video Guides

For a list of user guide videos that walks you through how to place orders on the sequencing portal click here.

How Does it Work?

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Register for an online account here.

Creating a Sanger Sequencing Order

Begin placing your sequencing order here.

Template Type

Select the appropriate ‘Template Type’. The screen will adjust so you can provide details of the template and confirm that you have read and understood the sample requirements.

Prepare Your Samples

Enter details of the sample submission format including tubes, plates and orientation of the plate.

Primer Synthesis (optional add-on)

Source BioScience stocks a collection of 40 common primers from which you can choose (free of charge) for your Sanger Sequencing. If, however, you require a primer/s that we do not stock, you might like to make use of our Primer Synthesis option.

Secondary Structure Resolution (optional add-on)

When sequencing templates which are G-C-rich, contain hairpin structures, repetitive regions or troublesome sequences, we recommend including our Secondary Structure Treatment Solution (dGTP chemistry) with your order.

This optional add-on aids the sequencing process by disrupting the production of secondary structures, as well as aiding the initiation of the sequencing process, to yield higher quality reads.

Template Requirements

Cell Pellet - Pelleted DNA from overnight culture (1mL grown for a minimum of 15 hours) in a 1.5mL Eppendorf or 2mL deepwell block.

Liquid Culture to be incubated and shaken overnight.

Sequencing primers to be sent at a concentration of 3.2 pmol/μl in a volume of 300 μl per plate.

Analysis Settings

Complete the Analysis settings required for this order. Each question mark will open new page with a detailed explanation of the particular option. You can also add additional recipients for the data.

Reaction Details

This information can be added individually or added as an Excel template. If adding the sample and primer details manually, the list of free stock primers will be available from our drop down list. Samples which have been correctly recorded will appear in the Job Summary. Once the details are recorded, click ‘Submit Application’.

Sending Your Samples

Place your samples in a secure package marked with the order number, and either deposit them in your Source Genomics drop box for collection, or use our FREEPOST labels to send your samples to us by post. Samples will be processed as soon as they arrive at a Source Genomics lab, and your data will be with you within 24 hours of sample receipt.

Receive Data

Your samples will be processed as soon as they arrive at Source Genomics, and your data will be emailed within 24 hours of sample receipt.

Note: You are now able to purchase eVouchers to cover all types of pre-treatment and Sequencing reactions enabling you to place your orders more simply.


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