Enabling high-throughput and increased scalability through the analysis of thousands of proteins simultaneously.

Source Genomics - First UK-based commercial service provider of Olink Proteomics

Olink uses innovative Proximity Extension Assay (PEA) technology to measure large numbers of proteins, supporting high-quality biomarker discovery. By combining the PEA protein technology with NGS, Olink allows researchers to conduct high-throughput proteomics without compromising specificity and sensitivity of the assay. This breakthrough in genomic analysis technologies requires minimal sample, less than a drop of blood, while maintaining specificity and sensitivity at the highest level.

Olink PEA Technology Infographic

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Applications of Olink Proteomics PEA Technology

Olink Explore panels are categorised into four disease areas: Cardiometabolic, Inflammation, Neurology and Oncology, elevating the potential for biomarker diacovery in a wide range of health and disease landscapes.

  • Identification of novel drug targets
  • Disease prediction and patient stratisfication
  • In Vivo/In Vitro Testing in Preclinical Research
  • Aid Understanding of Real-Time Human Biology

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