Nanopore Sequencing

Source Genomics is a high-quality, UK-based service provider of Oxford Nanopore Technologies (ONT) for rapid, long-read, real-time sequencing of DNA or RNA.

Nanopore sequencing technology uses flow cells with an array of synthetic polymer membranes containing thousands of nanopores. Using unique electrical currents, DNA and RNA are passed through the nanopores and highly accurate base calling is performed as the nucleotides pass though the pore.Β  In addition, epigenetic marks such as 5mC and 5hmC can also be sequenced without any need for conversion within the same sequencing run.

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Source Genomics provides Oxford Nanopore services for:

  • Whole Plasmid Sequencing – Enabling entire plasmid constructs analysis for the characterisation of unknown plasmids and the validation of known plasmids
  • Whole Genome Sequencing with Epigenome (5mC and 5hmC) – Generate entire human and mammalian genome assemblies with epigenome using long nanopore sequencing reads
  • RNA Sequencing – Quantitative isoform expression from bulk or single cell preparations (10X)
  • Bacterial Whole Genome Sequencing – Generate microbial genome assemblies with long nanopore sequencing reads
  • 16s and Metagenomics – Gain full length 16S rRNA gene sequencing for taxonomic classification of the genomic material in your sample.Β  Or perform bulk metagenomics to assemble genomes from mixed samples

Source BioScience is a Certified Service Provider for Oxford Nanopore Technologies on the GridION and P2 Solo devices. View the certificate.

Sequence DNA and RNA with increased efficiency

Using Nanopore Technology, DNA and RNA can be sequenced directly, rather than through a copy of synthetic strand, eliminates the need for an alternative marker. This means that modification information across the genome remains intact and is visible in your data report.

Introducing the power of any read length

As a trusted service provider of Nanopore sequencing, Source Genomics provides high-quality long-read sequencing solutions for exceptional accessibility of the genome. With Nanopore sequencing it is possible to sequence fragments from 20bp to millions of bases. The generation of native long-read sequencing data is able to support all avenues of genomic research, from single-tests to ultra-high throughput projects, from cell free nucleic acid to telomere to telomere assemblies.


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