PeakTrace™ Basecaller

Improved base-calling & lower errors

PeakTrace™ DNA sequencing basecaller can provide improved read lengths for DNA sequencing traces from the Applied BioSystems 3730 DNA analyzer.

The PeakTrace basecalling software offers the following benefits:

  • Improved read length due to better extraction of more usable bases from each trace
  • Lower errors due to newly developed algorithms
  • Fewer sequencing reactions needed to generate the coverage required for larger projects

What is PeakTrace™? 

PeakTrace™ DNA sequencing basecaller is software designed for the Applied BioSystems 3730 DNA analyzer which can ensure lower errors and improve the read length of DNA sequencing traces. PeakTrace™ is the latest piece of software, created using newly developed algorithms which enable the PeakTrace™ basecalling software to extract more usable bases from each trace.

Using a series of sophisticated algorithms, the PeakTrace™ basecaller makes it possible to reprocess the raw data from a trace file which allows the basecaller to make significantly better base and quality calls throughout the reads. The improved read lengths mean that fewer sequencing reactions are necessary to generate the coverage required in larger sequencing projects, saving both time and money.

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