Whole Plasmid Sequencing

Source Genomics is a high-quality, UK-based service provider of Oxford Nanopore Technologies (ONT) for rapid, long-read, real-time sequencing of whole plasmid DNA.

Whole plasmid sequencing involves the thorough examination and analysis of the entire genetic code of a plasmid, referred to as plasmid DNA (pDNA).

Our Nanopore whole plasmid sequencing service offers in-depth insights into the genetic composition of plasmids and their potential applications in gene knockout and editing studies. Whole Plasmid sequencing enables the extraction of valuable genomic data, contributing to enhanced comprehension of microbial diversity, evolution, and the intricate mechanisms that govern biological processes.

Rapid Turnaround Times

New for 2024:

Delivering unrivalled turnaround times for Whole Plasmid Nanopore Sequencing using our streamlined SpeedREADโ„ข data delivery system. Providing high-quality data retrieval within 24 hours from sample receipt.

Unrivalled Data Quality

Rapid Turnaround Times


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Source BioScience is a Certified Service Provider for Oxford Nanopore Technologies on the GridION and P2 Solo devices. View the certificate.

Sample Requirements

Concentration of 30ng/ยตl in 30ul molecular biology grade water.

Quantification will need to be determined using fluorescent based methods as standard spectrophotometry is not accurate enough for this service. We will not be providing QC confirmation prior to running your samples and your results may be affected if this guidance is not followed. Any failures can be checked for concentration (remaining sample volume permitting) to aid troubleshooting. Should these guidelines not be followed we reserve the right to charge you for any failed reactions.


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Rapid Sequencing

Delivering unrivalled turnaround times for sequencing using our streamlined SpeedREADโ„ข data delivery system. Providing high-quality data retrieval within 12 hours from sample receipt.