ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System (QMS)

What is a QMS?

A Quality Management System is a collection of processes that primarily focus on consistently meeting customer requirements. An organisation has a QMS to ensure that its products or services satisfy the customer quality requirements and comply with any regulations applicable to those products or services. A QMS aims to:

  • meet customer requirements – it allows the organisation to understand customer needs and allows the employees to meet and maintain/exceed customer expectations and satisfaction
  • meet organisational requirements
  • set standards for employees – allows involvement and contributions by everyone
  • provide a means and framework to ensure all regulatory and accredited service requirements are met
  • allows an organisation to run efficiently and profitably using a process approach – it is more efficient to manage activities and resources as a process which would cover management responsibility, measurement, analysis and improvement
  • establish vision for employees
  • ensure that there are sufficient processes, people and the resources needed to achieve the organisation’s goals
  • helps to build motivation in an organisation – allows the organisation to create and maintain an internal environment which encourages involvement by everyone
  • facilitate growth and development supporting employees – allows continual improvement.

To enable the above, a Quality Management System requires the following:

  • documentation and procedures to be controlled using either a paper-based or electronic system
  • records and archival material to be securely controlled
  • to perform internal audits as per an internal audit schedule
  • to control non-conforming products, processes, systems or services
  • to prevent non-conforming products, processes, systems or services by performing corrective and preventive actions where needed
  • to maintain a Quality System scope
  • to maintain a Quality policy and set quality objectives.

Do Source BioScience have a QMS?

At Source Stability Storage Solutions, an electronic Quality Management System (QMS) is used to focus on business processes and procedures that will fulfil and meet customer requirements. The e-QMS is called Q-Pulse and contains a number of modules that allows Source Stability Storage Solutions to focus and understand customer needs. Documentation on all processes and policies are kept on the e-QMS under the Documents Module which allows departments within the company to set standards required to be adhered to. It aims to help employees to facilitate growth and with the consistency provided by all staff using a process based approach the service and product we provide to all our customers are maintained at an excellent standard while enabling the company to comply with ISO 9001:2015 quality requirement standard.

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