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At Source BioScience we see first-hand the pressure NHS pathology labs are under with the lack of digital pathology. The need to meet the two weeks wait (TWW) is never ending for departments with a lack of consultants, BMS’s and limited pool of new entries in to the pathology educational system. Coupled with case complexity increasing and the number of blocks and slides being generated, it is pushing already stretched departments to the limit.

With the population living longer, and the number of cases continuing to build, there is a backlog and pathology departments up and down the country cannot cope. Unfortunately, it’s the patients, having to wait longer for their diagnosis and therefore treatment, that suffer.

An underfunded NHS needs industry partners to help in its desire to meet the patient requirement.

Source Bioscience’s outsourced model allows that strain to be managed in partnership with NHS pathology departments, to bring Turn Around Times (TAT’s) down.

How do we do this? Our ISO accredited labs are staffed with highly qualified state registered BMS’s, lab assistants, clinical scientists and an operational team that streamline the process, meaning we are the emergency service for pathology departments up and down the country.

We work with over 100 hospitals in the UK and further afield each month and have access to over 65 of the countries leading specialist consultant pathologists, who can report on work as it arrives. With the ability to cover all histopathology specialities and from wet cases to reports, we are the right partner for the NHS.

Whilst our clients are under increased pressure to deliver, it is good for them to know we are there to help them meet patients needs and regulatory requirements and deadlines. Moving towards digital pathology is a very simple decision for us and this step has now been taken, which will help us reduce TAT’s for our clients and provide other operational benefits that our clients, as well as ourselves, will enjoy. Digital Pathology will allow us to continue to provide accurate and faster results making the TWW a reality for EVERY department and therefore EVERY patient.

Russell Wheatcroft
Commercial Director

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