Digital Pathology

Source LDPath is the largest and most technically advanced private provider of cellular and digital pathology services in the UK.

Providing in-house digital pathology, Source LDPath can provide NHS Trusts and private hospital providers with a complete digital pathology solution, including the installation of on-site scanning facilities.

We provide free consultation at initiation and assign projects an experienced scientist as Project Manager to provide support and updates throughout the project and post data delivery.

Digital Pathology & AI

Source LDPath offers digital reporting with innovative AI technology. Artificial intelligence (AI) applies deep machine learning technology to generate powerful computer algorithms that assist pathologists in making diagnoses. These algorithms can find application in a wide range of diagnostic challenges.

Combining digital reporting with innovative AI technology to enhance the diagnostic service, by:

  • Improving diagnostic accuracy
  • Easing pathologist workload
  • Accelerating pathology reporting TAT
  • Reducing patient waiting times

Source LDPath provides streamlined processes, more efficient, faster reporting. Better governance over glass slides and the ability to get reporting support and second opinions instantly.

Read about how a digital approach in partnership with East Kent Hospitals greatly reduced turnaround times and helped cut patient waiting times.

Options include

  • Scanning Platform
  • Consultant Workstations
  • LIMS Integration
  • Virtual Server with Storage
  • Service Agreement

Contact us today and one of our skilled account managers will be in touch with a free consultation including further information and pricing details.

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