Optical Genome Mapping

Optical Genome Mapping Services

Optical Genome Mapping offers a comprehensive and high-resolution exploration of genome structure.

Structural variation occurs in a broad range of diseases, including developmental disorders and cancers, and play a critical role in understanding complex disease and therefore developing targeted therapeutics. While NGS technologies have paved the way for novel genomic discovery, variants characterised by a structural change are often excluded with short and long-read sequencing technology.

Optical genome mapping – or whole genome imaging – is able to capture and accurately map the entire genome construct, giving a high-resolution view of genome structure. Structural variations in the form of deletions, duplications, translocations and inversions can be directed imaged, and the analytical gap filled from sequencing technology alone.

Using Bionano advanced Saphyr imaging instrument, Source Genomics is now able to offer whole genome imaging to visualise structural. Optical Genome Mapping is highly compatible with NGS for a comprehensive depiction the genome, bringing a new angle of discovery to genomic research.

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Elevating structural variant detection using Optical Genome Mapping

  • Achieve broad genomic coverage
  • Bridge the analytical gap from sequencing technologies
  • Compatible with NGS
  • Fast data retrieval for novel variant identification

Source Genomics offers a multi-omic approach for large-scale research projects, uncovering complex biological systems, disease mechanisms and therapeutic interventions.

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